The History of PINCC

PINCC was established in 2005 by gynecologist Dr. Kay Taylor. Dr. Taylor was inspired to help women across the globe battle cervical cancer after a medical mission to Honduras where she saw more lethal cases of cervical cancer in that one trip than she had during her entire career. The first PINCC trip was launched in late 2005 to visit the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. With a team of only 3 eager volunteers, the first PINCC team visited three health clinic sites and began training healthcare workers in cervical cancer screening and treatment. 

Today, PINCC is operated by Dr. Melissa Miskell—a Board Certified Gynecologist who worked with Dr. Taylor for seven years. Dr. Miskell assumed the role of Medical Director upon Dr. Taylor’s retirement and now acts as PINCC's Executive Director. Under Dr. Miskell,  PINCC  leads teams of five to fifteen volunteers to hospital and clinic sites in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Teams are composed of physicians, midlevel practitioners, educators and volunteers. The focus is on medical education in tandem with treatment.

PINCC has trained approximately 700 medical personnel, and has certified 36 clinics in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Our self-sufficient sites continue to provide services to thousands of women every year. PINCC is continuing Dr. Taylor’s vision of creating sustainable programs that prevent cervical cancer and save women’s lives.