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Dedicated to the Prevention of Cervical Cancer Across the Globe



Cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths in developing countries. By 2035 it is expected to be the number one cause of death for women world wide. 90% of these women live in under-served countries.

This disease is preventable.

Most cervical cancer deaths occur in women who live in developing countries where adequate screening and treatment is not available. PINCC is working to make cervical dysplasia treatment available to every woman in the world so that we can stop cervical cancer from ever developing. We train medical personnel and create sustainable programs to ensure long-lasting cervical dysplasia treatment is available to women everywhere. We educate and empower local communities through community outreach and education programs. We are ensuring that our work will expand with our "Train the Trainers" program. PINCC is dedicated to stopping the needless deaths of women across the globe.

PINCC's mission is to prevent female-specific diseases in developing countries by utilizing low-cost and low-technology methods to create sustainable programs through patient education, medical personnel training and facility outfitting.



PINCC is dedicated to abolishing cervical cancer deaths across the globe. We operate in rough conditions across Africa, Latin America and Asia. Every location has its own unique challenges, but the reward of saving a life is always the same.

  1. To improve the health of under-served women in developing countries by providing sensitive, culturally competent education, screening and treatment to prevent diseases that affect women.

  2. To train health care workers in the host countries to become proficient in screening and treatment, and to create sustainable programs by donating the needed equipment.

  3. To promote awareness, influence public health policy and aid government and educational institutions to implement and sustain practical, medically sound and economically viable methods of cervical cancer prevention and breast cancer detection.

  4. To raise visibility, build support and generate the resources necessary to continue and expand this program around the world.


“Women are not dying because of diseases we cannot treat. They are dying because societies have yet to make the decision that their lives are worth saving.”

— Professor Mahmoud Fathalia



PINCC was established by gynecologist Dr. Kay Taylor in 2005. Dr. Taylor was inspired to help women battle cervical cancer after a medical mission to Honduras where she saw more lethal cases of cervical cancer in one trip than she had during her entire career. The first PINCC trip was launched in late 2005 to visit the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. With a team of only three eager volunteers, the first PINCC team visited three health clinic sites and began training healthcare workers in cervical cancer screening and treatment. 

Today PINCC is operated by Dr. Melissa Miskell—a Board Certified gynecologist who worked closely with Dr. Taylor during her missions for seven years. Dr. Miskell assumed the role of Medical Director upon Dr. Taylor’s retirement and now acts as PINCC's Executive Director. PINCC leads teams of five to fifteen volunteers to hospital and clinic sites in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Teams are composed of physicians, midlevel practitioners, educators, and volunteers. PINCC focuses on medical education in tandem with treatment.

PINCC has trained approximately 700 medical personnel, and has certified 40 clinics in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Our self-sufficient sites continue to provide services to thousands of women every year. PINCC is continuing Dr. Taylor’s vision of creating sustainable programs that prevent cervical cancer and save countless women’s lives.

PINCC creates sustainable programs that continue to be ongoing throughout the world. Cervical cancer kills 265,000 women annually and is expected to increase by 67% to 450,000 in the next 12 years. Cervical cancer is a global issue that affects world economy due to fact that women are the primary source of income and stability in developing countries. We have ongoing training sites in Kenya, Tanzania and Cambodia with proposed sites in Ghana, Rwanda, India and Guatemala.


265,000 WOMEN DIED


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